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Chroma Tech & Digital is the ‘grown-up’ approach to the challenge of modern tech recruitment.

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Chroma Engineering provides white collar staffing to the Engineering & Manufacturing sector.

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  • Operations Director, Renewables and Energy

    It's been fantastic partnering with Jack and the rest of the Chroma team over the last few months when growing our own team. They've taken the time to understand our needs, which ultimately meant we were able to secure the best people and seamlessly integrate them into our growing team.

    - Operations Director, Renewables and Energy

  • Senior Manager, Biotechnology Research

    Recruitment is one of those necessary tasks that is critical to business success but never factored into my day-to-day. It also has the potential to sap a lot of my time. Working with Jack to get suitable candidates has been a breath of fresh air and has lessened the impact on my day job (meaning I can put more focus on business priorities) - Jack always gets me good quality, relevant candidates whose strengths and weaknesses he understands. I first engaged with Jack ~18 months ago and he supported us with a Principal Electronics position, having previously had no joy with other agencies. I wasn't expecting much, but Jack excelled and immediately got me the right candidate for the position. This wasn’t a one-off. Since this first success, Jack has supported us on all the roles and has provided new, fresh, high calibre candidates enabling my team to grow and supporting the success of its goals. I really do feel that he puts a lot of thought into the candidates he sends over, and he is not just firing out random CVs that have the right buzzwords in. I couldn't be happier with the quality and style of Jack's approach to recruitment and would not hesitate to recommend him to other businesses and candidates!

    - Senior Manager, Biotechnology Research

  • Kelby, UX Researcher

    Tim and his team were really helpful in both securing me a role as well as making sure that the recruitment process went smoothly. I would definitely recommend using their services!

    - Kelby, UX Researcher

  • CIO, E-Commerce Business

    I've been working with Tim for the last few years. He has the rare combination of understanding our business' commercial needs, our employee proposition and the culture fit that works in our IT and Product/UX teams coupled with an incredible connection to who is available in the market. He still surprises me with how quickly he can find a contractor to support us when we have an urgent need to add resources to the team at short notice, and seems to relish the challenge. He and his team are my first point of call, whether it's a short-term tactical need for a contract role or when scaling our team and trying to find the right permanent candidate. Can't recommend him strongly enough!

    - CIO, E-Commerce Business

  • Timothy, Senior UX Consultant

    Tim recruited me for a UX contract role. He's been superb since day one, offering support and continuous advice on contracting as it was something that was new to me. He was also very clear in all the steps I needed to take when setting up as a contractor. I would highly recommend him!

    - Timothy, Senior UX Consultant