Chroma Engineering provides white collar staffing to the Engineering & Manufacturing sector. We offer a full turnkey solution across both permanent and contract requirements covering the whole of the UK. Our commitment to “Listen | Understand | Deliver” allows us to clearly identify what candidates and clients want from a recruiter.

Our philosophy of “Listen | Understand | Deliver” means that our clients see us as the first point of contact when looking to hire.

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  • Operations Director, Renewables and Energy

    It's been fantastic partnering with Jack and the rest of the Chroma team over the last few months when growing our own team. They've taken the time to understand our needs, which ultimately meant we were able to secure the best people and seamlessly integrate them into our growing team.

    - Operations Director, Renewables and Energy

  • Senior Manager, Biotechnology Research

    Recruitment is one of those necessary tasks that is critical to business success but never factored into my day-to-day. It also has the potential to sap a lot of my time. Working with Jack to get suitable candidates has been a breath of fresh air and has lessened the impact on my day job (meaning I can put more focus on business priorities) - Jack always gets me good quality, relevant candidates whose strengths and weaknesses he understands. I first engaged with Jack ~18 months ago and he supported us with a Principal Electronics position, having previously had no joy with other agencies. I wasn't expecting much, but Jack excelled and immediately got me the right candidate for the position. This wasn’t a one-off. Since this first success, Jack has supported us on all the roles and has provided new, fresh, high calibre candidates enabling my team to grow and supporting the success of its goals. I really do feel that he puts a lot of thought into the candidates he sends over, and he is not just firing out random CVs that have the right buzzwords in. I couldn't be happier with the quality and style of Jack's approach to recruitment and would not hesitate to recommend him to other businesses and candidates!

    - Senior Manager, Biotechnology Research

  • Chief Technical Officer, Machinery Company

    Jack helped us to fill our vacancy for a Senior Engineer in a small start-up company. His communication was excellent between both ourselves and the candidates. The profiles that he presented to us were all viable candidates for the role. His professionalism and service both during the interviewing process and during the hiring process were excellent.

    - Chief Technical Officer, Machinery Company

  • HR Manager, Mechanical Engineering Business

    We have recently started working with Jack at Chroma Engineering and he has already filled two vacancies for us. He has taken time and effort to fully understand our requirements, culture and values to ensure he is providing candidates who can not only fulfill the skill requirements of the role but will thrive in our working environment. Jack’s approach is professional, friendly and sympathetic; he strives to provide an excellent service – and succeeds.

    - HR Manager, Mechanical Engineering Business

  • Sales Manager, Manufacturing Business

    Will at Chroma took the time to really understand the requirements and context of a vacancy in my team that I had been struggling to fill for a while. He provided me with a strong selection of high quality candidates for me to review and kept me in the loop throughout the process so that I was able to successfully make an offer to a superb candidate. We will be looking for another candidate position shortly, and will be looking to use Will to find the best selection. I would definitely recommend Will if you’re looking to grow your team.

    - Sales Manager, Manufacturing Business

We aim to build long-lasting relationships for the future where we are seen as your trusted partner and an extension of your business. Rather than thinking like recruiters, we try to put ourselves in your shoes, as we know that making your next hire can be a daunting task. Our consultants focus on one niche skill within a specific geographical sector to ensure we can promptly deliver the best talent ahead of your competition.

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What we do for our


We place genuine value on our candidates, and aim to give you the best possible experience of working alongside a recruiter. We’re consultative, empathetic but above all passionate about helping you to further your career. Our nationwide network of large and small Engineering businesses allows us to find you the best fit for your personal and professional development.

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  • Taylor, Electronics Design Engineer

    Jack is the best recruitment consultant I have had the pleasure of working with. He contacted me with several opportunities that matched what I was looking for in my next position and through our conversations, I instantly recognised that he was someone that had a great knowledge of the engineering sector. Using his knowledge of the current job market and his connections I went from having our first phone call to a confirmed offer within 2 weeks. Jack at all times listened to me and what I was looking for and was absolutely spot-on with his recommendations. When it came to salary negotiations he went above and beyond it to work out an amazing deal. I couldn't recommend him enough and should the need arise he will be the first person I will call if I need help again.  

    - Taylor, Electronics Design Engineer

  • Li Ali, Mechanical Engineer

    Vicky is an excellent Recruitment Consultant. She helped me to secure a project management role which exceeded my expectations. I had four interviews in total and throughout the process she was very friendly, attentive and focused on the objective. I did not have to wait more than 24h to get feedback from the interviews. I highly recommend Vicky if you are a candidate looking for your next role.

    - Li Ali, Mechanical Engineer

  • Hayley, Industrial Designer

    Vicky is a very professional recruitment consultant who has been very helpful in finding myself suitable roles which can only be achieved by knowing and understanding the client needs and my own.

    - Hayley, Industrial Designer

  • Jason, Engineer Lead

    I'd like to recommend Aleesha to anyone who is looking for a placement in the Electronics Industry. Her perseverance paid off and I am still in full-time employment thanks to her. She is very approachable, honest, and keeps in touch every step of the way. Thank you so much, Aleesha!!!

    - Jason, Engineer Lead

  • Gisha, Electronics Engineer

    I was particularly impressed by Aleesha’s ability to follow up with the client and to update the feedback to the candidate in a timely manner. She makes the candidate feel confident and they are not forgotten after the interview. Aleesha never gave me a reason to remind her to follow up on any task. She was always a step ahead.

    - Gisha, Electronics Engineer