“The best recruiters today tend to be the best marketers”

“The best recruiters today tend to be the best marketers”

author: Jonathan Moran


“The best recruiters today tend to be the best marketers” These were the words spoken to me by an old friend and former mentor when we met last summer. It’s something that stuck with me since. At the time I didn’t quite see the link, but the more I’ve read and recently experienced myself, the more it rang true.

Back in November last year (2016 if you haven’t quite adjusted yet) I lost my job. I went through the usual range of emotions; panic, optimism …..A bit more panic! During this time to alleviate the boredom of “Homes under The Hammer” and other daytime TV delights, I helped my father fit kitchens as well as spending a really informative week working in Cambridge at my Aunt and Uncle’s Gift Shop (Check them out here – seriously they sell really good stuff!) Around this time I was getting a huge amount of calls and LinkedIn requests from recruitment consultants. Some were very good, had an excellent grip on what I did and what I was looking for- others were not so knowledgeable (having to explain what SEO was to a consultant being a particular highlight!). One thing that almost every recruiter hadn’t done in any of their emails/LinkedIn connections was set themselves apart from their peers. This was when I remembered my conversation with my old friend back in the summer.

My friend Zack and his co-founder Tim had recently set up a business using their combined 40 years experience recruiting the best tech talent in the North West to start building a totally unique concept in IT recruitment, particularly when it came to dealing with candidates and what they should expect from recruiters.

I discussed my experience as a job seeker and brought up Zack’s comment regarding the synergy between marketing and successful recruiters. Let’s face it; most of the top talent doesn’t have time to take speculative calls full stop. Sure, you may have more joy outside office hours, but as ‘core office hours’ become a dated concept and people try to juggle relationships, children, keeping fit and checking their social media at least once every 5 minutes, even this is becoming difficult.

The best recruiters today tend to focus on meaningful engagements with clients, they post regularly in the groups their candidates frequent- not blatant “Java Developer in Leeds 40K- call me” type posts but articles that the group will appreciate and respond too. Over time if done consistently and genuinely relationships and trust are built. These recruiters know the subtleties of changing tact when approaching an active or passive job seeker and the importance of building their own personal brand online.

As our conversation developed over a number of meetings the three of us started to see there might be some synergy between my skill set and their recruiting experience. I’m proud to say my job search is now over and I’ll be working with Zack and Tim at Chroma Recruitment to bring together the best tech talent in Manchester and the Northwest with a view to creating a real community where views, opinions and articles can be shared among the tech sector.