L. Pennington, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

I’ve worked with a fair number of recruitment consultants over the years, both as employee and employer, Vicky stands head and shoulders above all.

Vicky is a commensurate professional, yet is able to really get to know the wants, needs, ambitions and motivations, of both client and candidate on deeply personal level. Vicky listens carefully and intently to actively demonstrate she genuinely cares about achieving the best possible outcome for the people she comes into contact with. I believe this is what makes Vicky stand out and makes the difference between simply achieving the goal and going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

It seems rare these days to find people to work with that genuinely put ‘care’ into “customer care”. Vicky does this better than anyone I’ve ever worked with.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Vicky again either as a client or a candidate and I would highly recommend working with her