S. Hughes, Product Development Manager at EA Technology

Aleesha has been my main contact at Chroma for a number of years now, and has worked on a number of different roles we’ve had during a significant period of growth at EA Technology. Time after time, Aleesha has sourced some of the best candidates on the market and helped us to secure them. One of the main reasons I keep coming back to Aleesha when we have new vacancies is simply the fact that she listens to our needs and understands it before going to market. Aleesha always takes the time whenever we have a new vacancy to understand the skills we are looking for, the experience we’re looking for and what the ideal individual would bring to the team.

A good understanding of the technical parts of the role is as critical as the cultural fit of the role, and again Aleesha totally understands this having worked with my team for a significant period of time and knowing the colleagues we’ve hired through her over the years. As expected, not every candidate put forward and interviewed for a role is the right fit for us, and Aleesha excels here in my eyes too – there’s never a hard sell from her on a candidate to pressure us into taking them on and the feedback we give is taken on board and shapes future candidates put forward for roles. This shows to me a real commitment to a long lasting partnership between EA Technology and Chroma, built over years.