Jose, Java Developer

After the first month, I started to feel frustrated, thinking that probably I will not get a job in the IT sector, I was almost ready to give up (…), but one day everything changed for me – I received a message from Chroma Recruitment.

They wanted to call me to know more about my experience and what type of job I was looking for. This is when I meet Dan – he asked me about my previous experience, what type of job I was looking for, etc. Later he called me back to ask if I would be interested in a Java developer role that had exactly the same technologies I have experience with and was what I was looking for.

After a few days, I had the first interview with that company. Kelly and Dan were really supportive throughout the hiring process, answering all my questions, giving me tips for the interview, keeping me up to date about the process, even if they didn’t have additional information, but they kept me motivated.

I think they are the perfect example of how a recruiter should be. They worked hard to make a good profile of me, understanding my experience and the technologies I used to work with, finding what I want and what the company needs, helping throughout the process with any question I had and keeping me motivated because they knew how hard the process of finding a new role can be.

So I want to write this review to say thank you to Chroma Recruitment, especially to Kelly Quinn and Daniel May and to recommend anyone who is looking for a new role to contact them; speaking from experience they do their job really good!