Head of Dev, E-Commerce Business

Having worked with Chroma for 4 years, we had very high expectations due to the excellent standards received from dealing with previous contacts.

However, I needn’t have worried.  Dan seamlessly liaised with our team, gaining a quick understanding of our requirements, (both technical and culture fit) and successfully placed a (very competent) Developer under extreme time pressures.  This has been followed by another successful hire with similar time pressures.

Dan’s contributions do not end with finding the candidate, he follows the process very closely through to the candidates starting.  It is very simple to take this for granted, however, having worked with other more inferior agencies, if this is not done correctly, it becomes easily noticeable.

All in all, Dan is a pleasure to work with, indeed, his impact has been so positive, I was not aware of his newness to the role.  Chroma have found a natural talent of their very own.