Developer Case Studies

Developer Case Studies

author: Zack Georgiou


Following our Project Management blog yesterday, we wanted to carry on the theme and give you a few more examples of some tricky assignments we had this year.


Who was it? High-profile e-commerce business.

How large was it? 100+ employees.

What was the role? Software PHP developer.

What challenges did we face? We needed to pinpoint a highly skilled Developer who would be confident working in a fast-paced environment, running multiple projects at any given time. Their coding skills had to be top-notch, across a number of frameworks. They also needed the intangible: cultural fit into a highly sociable team. As anyone who knows developers knows, this is a highly desirable skill set in an extremely competitive environment!

Result? We successfully identified several candidates who fit both the professional and personal criteria. We met personally with the top-tier developers, making sure that we fully understood what they were looking for, what skills they would bring and what culture would be best suited to them in their next company. After these consultations, we narrowed the search down to the two most accurate matches, which were our only submissions to the company. Of those two, one started in the role this January. 

Cloud Software Solutions

Who was it? Bespoke open source cloud software solutions business.

How large was it? 12+ employees.

What was the role? Junior Developer. (We had placed a Senior Dev with them 6 months earlier)

What challenges did we face? This Junior Dev needed to have a strong grounding in the use of Object-Oriented PHP. However, the key with this role was identifying someone who would fit culturally, with genuine enthusiasm for web development and a love for code. As they were joining a close-knit team, the personality had to be a great match.

Result? As ever, we got to know the client first, so we knew exactly the kind of personality we were looking for. After meeting with a number of bright Junior Developers we were able to send across the three best-suited individuals. With hugely positive feedback from the meetings, we placed our successful candidate in January ’17.


For us, the approach has always been simple: we consult carefully, meeting over 95% of our clients to fully get-to-grips with their company culture, goals and ‘pain points’, and appreciate the direction of their business. We also meet over 95% of our candidates, to ensure we get to know them professionally and personally and understand what it is that makes them tick when it comes to their career. With an agreed plan of action, regular progress updates and continual consulting, we are able to find the best fit for everyone involved.