Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Friday, May 17

Good morning readers! Here are Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news. Enjoy the read and follow us for more on our LinkedIn page.

  1. Artificial intelligence arrives in London as futuristic exhibition kicks off. The world-class art and learning centre is exploring AI for a few days through a series of art installations and historical exhibits. It’s called More Than Human and it explores the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Among the exhibits is a visiting robot puppy that can develop its own personality. Another project includes a sound installation that draws parallels between AI and the golems of Jewish folklore.
  2. Five seater self-flying air taxi unveiled. A German start-up has unveiled what it says is the world’s first five-seater self-flying taxi. Lilium said the prototype had its first test flight earlier this month, in which it took off, hovered, then landed again.

  3. Tesla pushes battery software update after recent fires. Tesla is pushing out a software update to all Model S and X cars following two recent high-profile battery fires. The automaker said it’s issuing the update “out of an abundance of caution.”

  4. Driverless lorry allowed on public Swedish roads. The large lorry, called a T-Pod, weighs 26 tonnes fully laden and will move goods between buildings on an industrial estate. The vehicle is not entirely autonomous, as a remote operator will oversee it from a control room while it works.

  5. This robot hits you in real life when you get hit in VR. If you love the immersive experience of VR fighting games, but felt like it was lacking the actual physical harm component, this robot is for you. Robotics engineer and YouTube creator James Bruton has teamed up with University of Portsmouth students to create a robot that fights humans in real life while they’re playing in VR.