Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Tuesday, May 14

Good morning readers! Here are Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news. Enjoy the read and follow us for more on our LinkedIn page.

  1. WhatsApp security issues: Hackers attack iPhones and Androids with code. WhatsApp has rushed to roll out a security fix after concerns were raised hackers could inject surveillance software on to phones via the call function.
  2. Use of facial recognition tech ‘dangerously irresponsible’. Black and minority ethnic people could be falsely identified and face questioning because police have failed to test how well their systems deal with non-white faces, say campaigners. At least three chances to assess how well the systems deal with ethnicity were missed over the past five years, the BBC found. Campaigners said the tech had too many problems to be used widely.

  3. Use this cutting-edge AI text generator to write stories, poems, news articles, and more. Enter the start of a made-up news article, and it’ll finish it for you. Ask it a question (by formatting your input like this: “Q: What should I do today?”), and it’ll happily respond. The site is called, and it’s the creation of Canadian engineer Adam King.

  4. Apple’s surprise defeat in the Supreme Court is bad news for Tim Cook’s turnaround plan. The ruling increases the likelihood that Apple will lose the long-running case or ultimately be forced to settle it on unfavorable terms. In either case, the Supreme Court’s decision makes it more likely that Apple is ultimately going to have to reduce its App Store fees.

  5. Amazon is helping its employees quit… and start their own package delivery businesses. To deliver packages faster, Amazon last year introduced a program to encourage more entrepreneurs to start their own package delivery businesses. The company on Monday said it’s now expanding this program, called Delivery Service Partner, to get its own employees to join. Amazon offers up to $10,000 to join the program. As an added incentive for its employees to quit and become delivery partners, it’s also offering a payment equivalent to three months of the employee’s gross salary.