Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Wednesday, January 02

Good morning readers! Here are Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news. Enjoy the read and follow us for more on our LinkedIn page.

  1. Google is primed to go big at CES again. The message was clear: After years of laying low at the world’s largest tech show, Google had finally arrived at CES. The company is primed to go even bigger at this year’s show, which starts next week.

  2. NASA New Horizons spacecraft completes historic Ultima Thule flyby. In the outer reaches of our stellar neighborhood, an ancient space rock nicknamed Ultima Thule has drifted alone for billions of years, unchanged since the earliest days of the solar system.

  3. AI’s failure to live up to the hype is starting to put off investors. Investor enthusiasm for AI will wane with the first big failures – and it will be up to the industry to redefine the problems it is trying to solve.

  4. This awesome homemade jukebox is controlled by swipeable song cards. The device’s design is deceptively simple. Inside the box is a speaker controlled by a Raspberry Pi, loaded up with Patty’s software. All the songs are stored locally on an SD card, and they’re pulled up whenever their associated card is swiped.

  5. Here’s all the major tech we’re expecting at CES 2019, the biggest tech convention of the year. The annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, kicks off in Las Vegas on January 8, 2019.