Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Wednesday, December 5

Good morning readers! Here are Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news. Enjoy the read and follow us for more on our LinkedIn page.

  1. Microsoft reportedly working on Chrome-style browser to replace Edge. The new browser is codenamed Anaheim and uses Chromium, the rendering engine that underlies Google’s Chrome browser, Windows Central reported Monday.

  2. UK team set to take on the world in the shell ocean discovery XPRIZE final. Subsea engineering experts are preparing to represent the UK in the final of the prestigious £5.5m Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition to map the seafloor.

  3. We just got our best look yet at the killer feature for next year’s Android phones. Chipmaker Qualcomm announced its new mobile processor, the Snapdragon 855, which will enable mobile devices to connect to the latest mobile networking standard, 5G.
  4. You Could Soon Take 3-D Photos on Huawei’s Next Phone. Huawei Technologies Co. is planning to unveil a new phone with a camera capable of taking three-dimensional pictures, people familiar with the matter said.

  5. Qualcomm announces first ultrasonic fingerprint reader: Headed to the Galaxy S10? After years of prototypes and fine-tuning, Qualcomm on Tuesday finally announced a fingerprint reader that uses sound to unlock your phone.