Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news

Monday, December 3

Good morning readers! Here are Chroma’s top picks from today’s tech news. Enjoy the read and follow us for more on our LinkedIn page.

  1. Heathrow launches app for visually impaired passengers. From Monday, December 3rd, visually impaired passengers at Heathrow will have access to on-demand, personalised assistance via the Aira app.

  2. NASA’s Insight is already breaking records. During its first full day on Mars, Insight generated more energy than any other vehicle on the surface of Mars, hitting 4,588 Watt-hours during.

  3. Uber said to be negotiating a multibillion-dollar takeover of scooter-sharing startup. The company seems to have decided that its best path for acquiring a leadership position in this market is to literally acquire the leaders.

  4. Tesco and Volkswagen launch the UK’s largest retail electric vehicle charging network. Customers will be able to charge their electric cars using a standard 7kW fast charger for free or use the rapid 50kW charger at the market rate.

  5. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt listed the ‘3 big failures’ he sees in tech startups today. He said tech startups need to be more diverse, less product driven, and more willing to partner early.