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Brex (IT) in the City 25th April 2017

  I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while. At the time of the Brexit vote there seemed […]

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The Impact of Manchester Airport on tech startups in the city 30th March 2017

There’s been a lot of news recently about the benefits of the expansion of Manchester airport over the next few […]

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From Mills to Millennials 24th February 2017

Manchester Fashion the past, present and future I was talking to my father last weekend about working back in Manchester […]

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Attracting People When You’re Not Sexy 24th February 2017

LinkedIn (and social media in general) is a strange world, a world where we tend to show the best of […]

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Manchester or London? 24th February 2017

During my day, I have numerous conversations with people in the tech industry from a range of ages, backgrounds and […]

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Hiring for tech startups in Manchester 24th February 2017

Ask any successful tech start up what their biggest headache is and they’re likely to say hiring the right people…. […]

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Can the Manchester Tech Boom Continue in 2017? 13th January 2017

With only London achieving a higher growth in GVA (Gross Value Added) since 2010, most tech businesses will agree 2016 […]

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“The best recruiters today tend to be the best marketers” 5th January 2017

“The best recruiters today tend to be the best marketers” These were the words spoken to me by an old […]

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