With over 50 years combined recruitment experience…

Chroma is best placed to deliver a friendly, consultative and no-nonsense service. With a multi-talented team on hand to offer assistance to both clients and candidates, our personalised, face-to-face approach to recruitment means that you’ll be able to find the ideal candidate or position in no time.

Whether you’re working in development, engineering or project management, Chroma Recruitment should be your first choice. We listen, understand and deliver the results you need.

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We get to know candidates

Our relationship-driven approach means that we endeavour to meet with candidates and job seekers face-to-face to truly understand their skills and aspirations. This not only allows us to find candidates the right positions, but means that we only present the very best candidates to our clients that meet their exacting requirements and come thoroughly vetted.

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We put our clients at the forefront

Our personalised approach was designed with efficiency in mind. We understand the complexities of businesses in the tech and engineering space looking for the right candidates, so we provide experienced recruitment services that are centred on collaboration and partnerships.

We rely on cutting-edge recruitment technology and work with industry experts to get into the crux of your recruitment challenge. Whether you’re looking for a single software developer, or you’d like us to assemble an entire team of engineers for your next project, we can help. We work hard to ensure we’re living and breathing your brand and objectives throughout the entire recruitment process.

Whether you’re looking to recruit your next superstar or you’d like to find a new position in the industry, get in touch today.

Zack Georgiou

Zack Georgiou Co-Founder/ Director

Tim Wearing

Tim Wearing Co-Founder/ Director

Jack Eckersley

Jack Eckersley Business Manager - Engineering

Sarah Emmerson

Sarah Emmerson Operations Manager

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